A New Chapter for Little Lamb Books!

Little Lamb Books has moved! 

Dear Friends:

I am thrilled beyond belief to announce that Little Lamb Books has moved, and is now a part of the Wahsington DC based Catholic Information Center's new website dedicated to Children's books: CIC KIDS.

The Catholic Information Center is a bookstore / gathering place in Washington, D.C., committed to making the Catholic Church alive in the hearts and minds of men and women living and working in our nation’s capital. Through a variety of spiritual, intellectual, and professional programs, the CIC offers the tools to live an integrated life and to engage in all areas of human endeavors. The CIC was one of the first organizations I became involved with when I moved to Washington, and it is wonderful to become officially a part of their ministry, and to broaden the scope of my little blog. I am humbled and honored to be a part of their work!

We're still busy elves, trying to upload the past 4 years worth of content, and add new stuff as we go, so please be patient with us as we launch. Not to worry: we're going to be reposting all the yearly best-of roundups and lots of great Christmas and Religious books in the coming weeks, to help you with your holiday shopping. Eventually all of Little Lamb Books content will be uploaded there, as well as new posts, and even some new contributors!

Thank you for all your encouragement and support and feedback through the years. I am always happy to see a book I discovered on the shelf of a friend's nursery, or to hear from a reader about their children loving this character or that character. And I am so excited to continue that work, and see it grow!

Come see us over at CIC Kids!

Lots of love,

Nota Bene: If there is a specific book you had bookmarked here, please drop me a line to inquire after it. I'm happy to help.


Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

I am so thrilled! I love the CIC and all the Opus Dei connections of the Center! And that is so great to revamp the Children's section!

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